Tuesday, March 29, 2011

thoughts on sxsw

so..We just returned from our trip to Austin for sxsw. It was fun, needless to say, despite the fact that our crashpad(mallory!!&%^&%) flaked out about 15 minutes after we arrived in Austin, after a 15 hour drive straight from Nashville.  We immediately set about making new friends to search out a place to sleep for the night. Lily, an Austinite, took pity on the five of us at about three AM and invited us to stay. great. one night taken care of. on to the shows. we played two of 'em in Austin, one at a proper venue (the longbanch inn) and one at a house party(thanks BC). they were fun, but we only wore the suits at longbranch. We were given a proper BBC intro from the stage manager, though it was one thirty p.m. and the hangovers were definitely in effect, turning it into a wet breakfast...i have to wonder how long the collective hangover of austin texas lasts after the last poster is taken down and the police barracades all removed from the streets. it's like new years eve for five days straight. i heard the population of austin doubles during south by, that being said, i've never been there any other time so i can only speculate what normal life is like there.

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